William Davis History

William Davis, our immigrant ancestor, was born in Wales in about 1663 and he came to PA in 1684. His first wife was Elizabeth Brisley. His second wife was Elizabeth Pavior.

Since Y-DNA is duplicated from father to son to grandson and on,  all the lines that we are testing would have to stem from his first son, John2 (the only surviving son with his first wife) and from his five sons with his second wife: Thomas “William”2, Edward2, James2, William2 and Joseph2.

William Davis from Wales has an extensive and colorful history. After attending Oxford University in theology, William came to America for religious freedom, first to Philadelphia, PA, then RI, then CT (Westerly, Rhode Island and Stonington, Connecticut are two towns across the river from each other) and then Shrewsbury, NJ. His sons then traveled  on to settle in CT and WV, and their sons later went on to NY, Wisconsin, MI, MN, ND and out to OR, WA and CA and other states.

Davis and Allied Families, by Glenna Maria Davis-Johnson, tells more of the history of William Davis and hosts an extensive Davis family tree, Descendents of Seventh Day Baptist, William Davis, on Rootsweb (Ancestry.com).

Another version of the family tree is They Came to Milton, by Jon Saunders, hosted by Rootsweb (Ancestry.com).

A few other genealogy books with Davis information:

Davis, The Settlers of Salem, West Virginia
by Susie Davis Nicholson
Salem Seventh Day Baptist Church, 1992

The Maxson Family, Descendants of John Maxson and wife Mary Mosher of Westerly,
by Walter LeRoy Brown
Eddy Printing Co, Albion, N. Y, 1954

Elder John Crandall of Rhode Island and His Descendants
by John Cortland Crandall
Higginson Book Co, Salem MA, 1949