You’re Ready to Test?

The first step towards getting tested is to go to the Davis YDNA Project webpage and request to join the Project by clicking “Join” on the top menu. The cost for the test is cheaper if you are in a surname project. The administrator will contact you with information to enable you to order the test at the reduced price.

Read the sections under “About us.”  Note that “About us”>”Background” has information about current prices. If you have any questions you can contact the administrator of the Davis Surname Project.

Basically, you then go to the FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) site and sign up and they will send you a test. You send it back with a swab of saliva from your mouth and 6 weeks later they will send you an email saying that the first section of the results have been posted. The results come back in stages.

The DNA test is just a swab of the inside of the mouth. The results are posted by kit#, not name, on the Davis YDNA Project website, where they can be matched to others.

On the Davis YDNA Project page, if you go to the DNA results, colorized, page, and scroll down, you will see our Davis subgroup , “Davis, William, K87577,” (shaded dark maroon). The DNA of the Davis men in our section all match closely, all I-L160 or I-P37,  and so we are able to conclude that we are all descendants of the same man, Rev. William Davis, born 1663. Many of the men in our section have a paper history of their family so those who don’t know where they fit can check the known trees to get a better idea of where to do their searching.

If you want some basic information about how the DNA tests work and what some of the nomenclature means, you can visit, International Society of Genetic Genealogy, and read their section: “Beginners’ Guides to Genetic Genealogy.”

We recommend the 67 marker test. The larger test is more exact and may help pinpoint which family line you most closely match. But you can start out with the 37 marker test and then upgrade to the 67 later.

Update: the Autosomal Test can be taken by males OR females. It will give you ethnic percentages and DNA matches from all your lines, not just the male line.

Let me know if you have any questions about this procedure. If you decide to test, please contact me with your line so I can see where you fit on the Davis family tree and I can add you to our charts.

If you let me know when you take the test and I will keep an eye out for your results. I am happy to help anyone who tests. I can answer questions and help translate the results when they come in.

Looking forward to finding the connections between us all,

Jan Davis Markle

jrmarkle at gmail dot com