You can contribute to the William Davis DNA Project through FTDNA to help cover the cost of tests that many Davis men can’t afford.

To contribute through FTDNA: go to FTDNA Group General Fund Contribution page. Instructions:

To pay by credit card or PayPal:

1. At the Project box, select “D”
2. Select “Davis” from list
3. In “Donation Amount,” put in amount of contribution
4. In “Donation Type,”  click on the down arrow and select “Individual”
5. In “Donor Name,” put your name or name of contributor if not you
6. In “Note,” add: “For use by the William Davis DNA Project (K87577)”
7. Click “Paypal” button and follow instructions

You can also mail a check to FTDNA:

Family Tree DNA – Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd.
World Headquarters
1445 North Loop West, Suite 820 Houston, Texas 77008, USA

Please print out an FTDNA form to accompany your check to make sure the donation is allocated to the William Davis DNA Project. Add a note saying:  “For use by the William Davis DNA Project (K87577).”

If  you know other philanthropic individuals who might want to donate to this project, please let me know. Thank you for furthering our project.