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Gilbert Joseph Davis Markle b 1903 Manhattan, NY
Ancestors of Myrl Nelson Davis b 1902 Milton, Wisconsin
Ancestors of Ward Rexford Davis, Glenn George Davis; Courtesy of “Davis and Allied Families”
Ancestors of Henry Raymond Davis b 1922, Breed, Wisconsin
Ancestors of Harold Allen Davis, b 1896 Caneadea, NY
Ancestors of Olin Cecil Davis, b. 1926 Verona, NY
Ancestors of Russell Deforest Davis b 1912 Grand Rapids, MI, Courtesy of “Many Branches” family tree
Ancestors of Londes Ray Davis b1914 WV
Ancestors of Roger Eugene Davis b 1901
Ancestors of David Davis, b 1914 MD
Ancestors of Roy Loomer Davis, Jr, b 1922, Los Gatos, CA
Ancestors of Edward H. Davis, born 1930 Clinton, Iowa
Ancestors of Hayward Ferrill DAVIS, 1926-2000, Salem, WV

Wedding pic 2


Ancestors of Erastus B. Davis
Ancestors of Deuron Clifford Davis
Ancestors of Howard Lee Davis
Ancestors of Stuart Edward Davis
Charles A. Davis’ gdau’s wedding, 11 Oct. 2013
Ancestors of Harry Edward BURNETT