15 Nov. 2015.

Two days ago I sent out 39  8×10 envelopes with “do not bend” stamped all over them.
They were going out to our current members of the William Davis DNA Project.

Enclosed in those envelopes is (finally) a certificate of membership to our William Davis DNA Project. Please check your mail (Your real mail. Look for a box outside your house someplace) for it. If you don’t receive one in the next few days, please let me know.
If you have moved in the last year, your certificate might go to post office limbo and I will endeavor to get another to you if you let me know where to send it. If you feel that you should be a member by virtue of a relationship to someone who has tested but you have not received any certificate, please contact me.


These 39 envelopes represent 27 testers and 17 of their family members, with some envelopes carrying two certificates going to two family members.


Our Davis group appears to be spread out from the East coast to the West coast. (There were no WDDP members in Hawaii or Alaska and none in foreign countries.)

Among our group, which zip code do you think had the highest number of Davis family descendants?
For the counters among us, here’s the break down:

[1st number of zip code/ = number envelopes mailed there]

0. zip code 0xxxx=3 envelopes mailed
Massachusetts: 1
Vermont: 1
New Jersey: 1
1. zip code 1xxxx = 6 envelopes mailed
NYC: 1
New York State: 5
2.  zip code 2xxxx= 6 envelopes mailed
Maryland: 3
West Virginia: 2
North Carolina: 1
3. zip code 3xxxx= 2 envelopes mailed
Georgia: 1
Florida: 1
4. zip code 4xxxx= 7 envelopes mailed
Ohio: 4
Michigan: 2
Indiana: 1
5. zip code 5xxxx=6 envelopes mailed
Wisconsin: 3
Minnesota: 2
North Dakota: 1
6. zip code 6xxxx=3 envelopes mailed
Kansas: 2
Missouri: 1
7. zip code 7xxxx= 1  envelope mailed
Texas: 1
8. zip code 8xxxx=1  envelope mailed
Arizona: 1
9. zip code 9xxxx=4  envelopes mailed
California: 3
Washington: 1

It looks like the state with the most William Davis DNA Project members or family is New York state with 6 members. Ohio comes in second with 4 members. I’m not sure that we can extrapolate any conclusions from such a small cross-section of Davis descendants, but it would be interesting to do a larger study to see if any one state has more Davis descendants than another and see if the states where Davis ancestors originally settled correlate to how many live there now.

I hope you enjoy this attempt to create an “official” recognition of your descent from Seventh Day Baptist Reverend William Davis. I hope you have fun sharing it with other family members at Thanksgiving.
Have a wonderful holiday.

Best wishes,
Jan Davis Markle