by Jan R. (Davis) Markle

The results for the latest test of a descendant of Caleb H. Davis have come in and he tests R1b1b2, NOT I2a. William Davis’ haplogroup is I2a so our tester is probably from the Robert Davis and Susannah Hart line but, assuming there has been no recent adoption, most certainly is not descended from William Davis, born 1663, Wales.

Thanks to Matt Davis for his  contribution to this search. There are now 7 members of the Caleb Davis 1746 Delaware R1b1b2 group.  See the Davis Surname Project site for a listing of those members.

Update: As of Sept 2017, there are currently 11 matching testers in the “Caleb Davis 1746 Delaware subgroup” of the FTDNA DAVIS DNA PROJECT. They are haplogroup R-M269 (R1b1b2 old group).

See Tim Davis’ thoughts on this non-match below.

And where will our next Davis search take us? Seems like it might be anywhere since the Davis family seems to be everywhere! Would love to hear from you if your last name is Davis and you have any kind of mystery in your family history that you’re hoping to solve.

If you have any reason to think you are a descendant of William Davis, born 1663 Wales, we would most love to hear from you.  It’s great fun to connect to Davis cousins, so drop us a note. Your Davis line could be our next fascinating search!

Another Mystery – Partly Resolved!
by Timothy W. Davis

“Or, will DLMD be a member of a different Davis family?” That IS the answer.

DLMD’s Y-DNA results show that he is not a member of our William Davis family, but another Davis group.

The advantages of doing the Y-DNA testing for potential family members is that if they are not part of our family, they may contribute a new branch, as in DLMD’s case, to another growing Davis family.

Unfortunately for us, this means that we do not have descendants from any “Branch 2” (from William Davis and Elizabeth Pavior) sons, other than James. Nevertheless, we will continue the search.

We encourage all Davis males, and their female relatives who might be the genealogists, who visit this site to order a Y-DNA Marker testing kit through the Davis Surname Project, either 12 , 25 , 37 or 67 Markers, to see where you connect on the Davis family tree.