11 February 2010

Hi all Davis aficionados.

We have gotten the results of our latest Davis tester and he, as we suspected, is one of us!

As of February 2010, we are now 13 members, all of us cousins. All of our DNA tests match closely over 67 markers!

Our new member’s line is:
William1 (and Eliz Brisley)> Rev John2>  John3> Rev David Rogers4> David Rogers Jr.5> Jesse L.6> Jesse7>  George A.8> Russell DeForest9> Living10> Living11. See Lineage chart below. (To enlarge, click image twice.)

Jesse L.6 Davis was from NY and his son, Jesse7, moved to PA. Jesse7’s son, George A.8, moved from PA to Michigan. George’s son, Russell DeForest9, moved from Michigan to Indiana in abt 1927 and had a son and a daughter. We are grateful that his descendants, his son, and his grand-daughter, who is the genealogist, agreed to take part in our project.

Proven Lines Lineage Chart, February, 2010

[Chart being updated]

Our new tester matches 3 of our present members to 2 steps off, 5 of our members 3 steps off, three of our members 4 steps off and one member 5 steps off. See chart of just DYS Differences below. (To enlarge, click on image twice.)

Since the rest of the 67 markers all match exactly, we have left them out of the chart of DYS Differences. DYS numbers in red, top row of table, means they are fast-changers, more likely to mutate than the slow-changers.

Results highlighted in yellow means that particular result appears to be an anomaly, unique to that tester. Highlighting the results in red or blue was our old method of differentiating our members. It just so happened that “B-1,” or Branch 1 men who descended from William1/Elizabeth Brisley, had matching results, so they were shaded red. And “B-2”, Branch 2 men who descended from William1/Elizabeth Pavior, matched each other, so they were shaded blue.

Our most recent match, kit #166819, who is from the “B-1” branch, shows one result from B-1 (“red”) but also one result from the B-2 group (“blue”), so there goes that method of distinguishing who is on which branch!

DYS Differences

George Davis, wife Florence Ives, son Glen and 3 daughters, abt 1911
Courtesy of “Many Branches” Family Tree

For more photos, see our Ancestor Photos page.