May 28, 2009

We have yet another possible Davis cousin. He is our 12th tester to date. He is the grandson of Archie Eugene7 Davis, great-grandson of Richard Robert6 Davis, whose line was mentioned in an earlier post.  Richard Robert6 Davis and his wife, Betsey Courtwright, originated in Lincklaen, NY and moved to Wisconsin before 1860.

In the 1880 Howe, Oconto, WI census, Richard, and Richard’s son, Alexander (Archie’s older brother), are at Richard’s daughter’s, Norah (Davis) Knight’s, house, “clearing land.”

Our tester’s father was Raymond Archie8 Davis.  After the depression, Raymond Archie8 Davis and several other families, the Hall family, the Close family, the Fugate family and the Keller family, moved together from Breed, WI to Oregon and became involved with the logging business there.

13 May 2009

Our next possible Davis cousin, the 11th Davis male to test for our group, has sent off his test and is anxiously awaiting his results. He is a descendant of Benjamin Davis, born in 1776 in Farmington, Connecticut, son of Thomas and Poll (Polly) West and died in Watson, Lewis County, NY.

“Our family has always told  that this Benjamin had two wives and twenty-one sons, no daughters, ” our Davis tester says. Two wives or four wives? Either way, that should make for some fun sleuthing!

30 April 2009

We’ve had one out-of-the-blue-we-didn’t-find-them-they-found-us, match. Our surprise match lives in New York and his contact, his daughter, lives in Kansas. They descend from Benjamin West Davis, son of Thomas Davis and Mary “Polly” West, possibly the same Benjamin as the Benjamin Davis who had 4 wives.


In the first few months of 2009, we have met (either online and on the phone) some living descendants who we hope will test to bring some clarification to the lines they represent.

One we just found is a living descendant who comes down from Rev William1 to Rev John2 to Thomas William3 to Nathan4 and to William Gifford 5 but there her line veers off to Nathan6, Cornelius Sutton7, Reuben8, and Charles Henry9. No living male descendant on that line has been identified for testing yet.

Another is a living descendant of Richard Robert6 Davis and his son, Archie Eugene7 Davis and grandson, Raymond Archie8 Davis. This Richard Robert6 is the grandfather that left Lincklaen, Chenango, NY to raise Archie Eugene7 in Wisconsin and then Richard’s grandson, Raymond Archie8, continued on across the country, ending up in Oregon. His line is Rev William1, Rev John2, John Jr.3, David Rogers4, Joshua5, Richard Robert6, Archie Eugene7, Raymond Archie8, Living9 Davis. We are hoping to find a connection between this test result and that of #10 on the proven lines, since the identity of Charles7 Davis in #10 is still in question. Archie Eugene7 Davis had a brother Charles7 Davis, born in the same year as #10’s Charles Davis so we are hopeful but not sure.

Another new acquaintance we are hoping will test is another descendant of Benjamin Davis, known for having the four wives. His line is Rev William1, Rev John2, John Jr.3, Thomas4, Benjamin5, William6, Henry Eugene7 Davis, living8 Davis, living 9 Davis. Hopefully his test would turn out to be very close to our other tester who descends from a Benjamin Davis who also had several wives and help us corroborate that line since we have some conflicting facts about Benjamin’s life events.