Hello and welcome to the William Davis DNA Project.

We are a group of descendants of one man, our immigrant ancestor,  William Davis, who was born in 1663 in Wales. We all carry identical or very close patterns of DNA. We know this because we have each had a DNA test done and our tests match. We’re cousins!

We are collaborating with each other to research and prove lines of relationships from William Davis to his living descendants using DNA testing.

Our mission is to use DNA testing to prove as many as possible documented Y-lines descending from William Davis to the present, finding identical patterns or identifying small differences.

Because William Davis and his sons were ministers in the Seventh Day Baptist Church, many parts of his family descendancy have been documented carefully. Several people have researched lines of this family tree in detail and have published them online,  so we have a good scaffolding upon which to work.

How do we prove a line? First, we choose a line of descendancy and follow its paper records to recent times. Then we identify a living descendant and contact him. We then test the DNA of the living descendant to see how it matches others on different branches of  the tree.

We are a unique brand of Davis. Our haplogroup is I2a.  A majority of Davis participants on the Davis Surname Project are of one haplogroup, R1b1b2, which is a common haplogroup in Europe.

But our William Davis line is coming up consistently as I2a, which is less common among Davises.  On the Davis Surname Project , our subgroup, the William Davis DNA Project, is the dark red group, the 9th highlighted group down.

Is your last name Davis? Did your ancestors come from PA, RI, NJ, WV, NY or WI? These were some of the states that the William Davis family migrated through over the years as they made their way across the US.

Here is a link to a family tree, Descendents of Seventh Day Baptist, William Davis, on Rootsweb (Ancestry.com) that tells a bit of the history of William Davis. Here is another version of the family tree, They Came to Milton,  which also documents the William Davis family.

To join the William Davis DNA Project, you must be a male with the last name Davis and are willing to take a cheek swab DNA test, preferably to 67 markers from Family Tree DNA testing company. Or, if you are a female, you need to have the cooperation of a living brother or father (or male first cousin) with the last name Davis who would take the test. Other surnames are fine if you have reason to believe that your paternal line name should be Davis.

The part of the DNA that is tested for similarity between men is the Y-chromosome and only a male carries it. The Y-chromosome follows the family surname, so if a male’s last name is “Davis,” then, unless he was adopted, he should match other male Davis Y-carriers on his line.

If you believe that you are descended from William Davis born 1663 in Wales we would love to have you join our project.  We are working together to clarify our genealogical histories. We share our findings and inspire each other to discover more than we might have done alone. And of course, we discover truths with DNA that we could never prove any other way.

If you contact us, we will give you a chart showing how you are related to others on the tree and will help you with your research if possible.  But most importantly, what we have to offer is an interesting and spirited group of Davises who are ALL YOUR COUSINS!

This is a project that is exciting and rewarding. I hope you will contact me with your Davis history  so we can see where we relate. And even if you aren’t sure of your Davis ancestry, contact me anyhow and perhaps we can discover a connection.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Jan Davis Markle
William Davis DNA Project

jrmarkle at gmail dot com